Now that Google is embracing Podcasting inside of Google Play, there are a lot of Podcasters asking how it will impact Podcasting and, more importantly, what it will do for downloads and subscribers. Paul Colligan, author of the How To Podcast books isn’t bullish on Google and Podcasting, but offers a few important take homes for Podcasters none the less.

Big Idea 

Podcasts In Google Play Is The New Podcasts In Spotify (Tweet This)


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  • Paul, you are 100% right a Podcast is primarily a distribution method – this topic has been overlooked by the leader in New Media and Podcast consulting space. Glad you broached this subject. At the end of the day isn’t it New Media that we are all chasing after… attempting to gauge the direction the new medium?

    To summarize you “this is a show – not a Podcast” observation (which is a brilliant insight by the way) –

    New Media is the ubiquitous distribution of your art in whatever form you choose.

    Produce high value content and distribute via the channel of choice.

    Be sure to niche down and laser focused target market and demographic with pinpoint accuracy Super serve your niche with the WOW factor.

    I don’t hear much on the subject of talent development or show development for the current crop of Podcast coaches.

    So many people marketing how to earn multiple six figure income streams and so few people really actually solving difficult problems. Great topic your finger is on the pulse of solving a big issue – “a podcast is not a show.”

    One new media pro that I’ve recently crossed paths – Hillary is solving problems via here Perisocpe feed. This gal is a pro she IS the future of teaching. She Scopes weekly “Micro Lesson” e.g. “Just in Time Learning format.”

    Paul I found your Podcast Report Show via Spreaker platform. I listen to you via the Spreaker app.

    I also listened to you on a Round Table Episode of Today in Podcasting featuring you Rob Walch and Cliff Ravenscraft. Cliff “I don’t need no stinkin app Ravenscraft.

    Interesting fact about Cliff – he intentionally doesn’t offer a “subscribe via eMail” option on his RSS feed syndication. I know because a emailed him and asked him – he said he doesn’t like using Push Podcast Episode notifications via email…This dumbfounded me.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I actually don’t offer subscribe via email either – but that’s mostly just because Feedburner is pretty broken and I just can’t expect it to deliver on that promise.

      • You can add Subcribe by email by clicking the Publicize Tab in Feed burner (Tab is on the top) The click the Subscribe by email tab on the left.

        It works Great – Zen Habits founder Leo Babauta used it and has over One Million subscribers using Feed Burner.

        • Paul Colligan

          I know how to do it – that’s easy. I just have no faith in the future of Feedburner and am not going to put my future in a product that hasn’t been updated in years.

          With that said and done, don’t worry – all of 2016 is about building a mailing list from the show.

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    Now we find more service from google. Such as Google started embracing Pod-casting which give us more option to know more about technology and our activities.

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    Now we find more service from google. Such as Google started embracing Pod-casting which give us more option to know more about technology and our activities.