It’s hard to market and sell on a podcast. It’s easy to market, sell, promote, and monetize through an email list. Click To Tweet

Everyone is talking about building email lists and setting up funnels. Today, we talk about how to build an email list through your podcast and how to set up a simple funnel.

We are also launching the Podcast Episode Funnel Tool. You may have seen this last week when I gave you the Podcast App Worksheet.

Tip of the Week:

Never name your podcast something that is hard to spell. Not just hard for you to spell, but hard for your listeners to spell. They hear about your great podcast and they search for it, but if they can’t spell it, they can’t find you. Always have a podcast name that is easy to spell.

Sending someone from your podcast to sign up for an email will always be easier, and that process can be used to sell, to promote, to do things later, and it’s the path that I highly recommend. Click To Tweet

Collecting Email Addresses From Your Podcast

  • [02:15] How building a list with your podcast is the most profitable podcast monetization strategy out there.
  • [02:56] A story where 85% of people who bought through a program have downloaded something as a result of the podcast.
  • [04:04] It’s hard to market and sell on a podcast, but easy with an email list. Use the podcast to build the email list.
  • [04:21] Season 5 private Facebook community.
  • [04:49] Lists aren’t important for just marketing. They are also important for the interest identification that comes from it.
  • [05:01] How you can use your newsletter segment signups to find out what people are interested in. This is powerful market research. Build an inventory of names that expands the value of what you are doing.
  • [06:01] To get the email address, you have to give your listeners something of value. In today’s show you are getting a funnel worksheet.
  • [06:31] Last week I gave away a podcast app cheat sheet. That is a very specific segment. The funnel worksheet from this week is also a specific segment. You want to do the same thing.
  • [06:57] Today, I would put everybody on ClickFunnels. We had Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels on in Episode 115.
  • [07:32] We have teamed with ClickFunnels to create a funnel process for podcasts. You can see the funnels that we use.
  • [08:08] You want to make a template for the process, so you can change a few things and use it over and over again.
  • [08:31] To get an email address your listener goes to a web page gives you the email and then downloads the giveaway item. My FAVORITE method!
  • [08:53] You can also send a blank email. Doable but outdated.  
  • [09:10] Texting in is also popular. Emails don’t bother people, texts can bother people. Texting is not my favorite.
  • [10:16] If you get the funnel tool, you can see this whole process.
  • [10:26] Come up with a plan and a giveaway before your show, then talk about it on the show, then give people the stuff.
  • [11:15] ClickFunnels attaches to your email sending service.
  • [11:26] Selling on your podcast will always be hard. Sending someone to sign up for an email is easier. This process can be used to do things later, and it is what I recommend.
  • [12:03] Make it simple and easy, and use your podcast to continue to build rapport.
  • [12:38] Own the list and go with a system you will be with for awhile. I recommend ClickFunnels.
  • [13:05] Mail to your list on a regular basis.
  • [13:58] Realize the nature of emails. Make your emails short brief and to the point.
  • [14:50] There are people who want to hear from you by email and people who don’t want to hear from you by email.
  • [16:41] Give great content on the podcast. Offer an opt in whenever you can. Use those email addresses to do further marketing.

Building a list with your podcast is the most profitable strategy of podcast monetization out there. Click To Tweet

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