'Stop talking about iTunes. If your listener is on Spotify and you keep talking about iTunes, you don’t know who they are.' Click To Tweet
Spotify is a hot topic. I chat about Spotify and its relationship to podcasts on today’s show. This month, I am heading out to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It’s an amazing event, and I will have a recording of my panel in a future episode. I never miss one, and I don’t know if I ever will.
This is a great event. If you go, I will see you there. This event is filled with many approachable people who can be guests on your show. It’s a large event, so you need to be strategic with your approach. Last week, I had Steve Olsher on. My take and his take on finding podcast guests at Social Media Marketing World is a bit different, but I do appreciate what he has done with changing the game.

Tip of the Week: 

As a podcaster, you have an intimate relationship with your audience. Yet, you will ask me questions like what is most important to my audience? If you want to know how often your shows should come out, how long it should be, or how important consistency is ask your audience. You have built the relationship and intimacy. Now use it to make your show better. Go direct to your audience, and when they respond do what they tell you to do. Your show will be better by doing so.

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How to Get Your Podcast on Spotify:

  • [04:08] We have seen my predictions for podcasts coming to streaming media platforms come true.
  • [04:22] Spotify has made it easy. Pandora hasn’t quite opened the gate.
  • [04:39] If you are on Libsyn, and you put your podcast on Spotify, you will start to see interesting downloads.
  • [05:56] Spotify is at the top, but they are not the clear winner. Although, they are a huge player.
  • [06:23] I asked Siri to open a podcast on Spotify, but she opened it on iOS.
  • [06:41] Rob Walch at The Feed talks about how the 18-30 female demographic is doing well on Spotify. Less than half the shows on Libsyn are set up on Spotify.
  • [07:50] Top shows were language, horror, health, philosophy, history, science, medicine, business and true crime.
  • [08:22] The Podcast Report is available on Spotify. 1.1% of my audience came from Spotify.
  • [09:07] In a future episode, I’ll be having Joel Comm from Bad Crypto on. This show is exploding, I can’t wait to have him on.
  • [09:23] He has seen over a quarter of a million downloads on Spotify.
  • [09:37] Spotify is a big place. If you haven’t submitted to Spotify, you should do so.
  • [09:59] The big picture as it relates to Spotify. Number one. Go to where your audience is. Whatever platform you are on, set things up so that your podcast is everywhere.
  • [10:30] My Spreaker stats are less than my Spotify stats. I’m still on Spreaker because I like being where my audience is.
  • [11:07] Put your podcast on YouTube. Leverage the tech that makes it awesome.
  • [11:50] Stop talking about iTunes. If your listeners are on another platform and you keep talking about iTunes, it means you don’t know who they are.
  • [12:28] Do you have tech that will grow with you? Hand things over to the people who know what’s going on. Don’t waste your time trying to do all the small technical stuff yourself.
  • [13:14] Pandora is coming very soon.  At some point, even Microsoft, will pull off some type of podcast strategy.
  • [13:52] Have you cleaned up your paths? I was looking at a very popular show, and their album art is actually different on iTunes. Make sure your paths are correct.
  • [14:24] Does your site reflect reality? Make sure you link out to all of the places that your podcast is at.
  • [16:04] Playing podcasts make sense for Spotify. They don’t have to pay royalties on podcasts.
  • [16:21] Are you making a show or a podcast? Don’t limit yourself by calling your show a podcast, because some people might not understand that they can get it on their platform of choice.
  • [17:25] Short-term idea get yourself on Spotify. For a long-term idea, get yourself on a system that makes it easy to get on platforms like Spotify.
  • [17:49] Let people know that your show is available on these alternative platforms.
  • [19:14] Get on Spotify. Make it easy. Make sure you have the stats and deal with it.
  • [19:25] The bigger picture is if your content is everywhere, it makes it easy for your audience to find you.
'Go to wherever your audience is. Whatever you’re on set things up so your show will be everywhere.' Click To Tweet

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