I want to save you some heartache that my client is going through right now. Do yourself, and your Podcast, a big favor – KEEP YOUR PODCAST PROJECT FILES. The reasons some give for not keeping these files are simply wrong.

If you truly value your Podcast, you will find a way to keep and archive your Podcast project files.

A short rant from Paul on the topic.


  • thompson4265

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  • DavidBlaise

    Hey Paul, I have been podcasting since 2005 and it never occurred to me to save my podcast project files. I started out using Audacity, but recently moved to bossjock, recording my podcasts live adding intro, outro and any music and sound effects on the fly, rather than editing them in afterwards. To date, I have never had a situation where I needed my project files, although I do understand your point, particularly as it relates to the idea of any sort of compilation, in which I would have to either use finished, produced MP3 audio (not ideal from a quality standpoint) or recreate/rerecord the audio which would be a real drag.

    But I’m really curious about your contention that if you don’t keep your project files, you don’t value your podcast. Ouch! I have always believed that the true value of my podcast is in the finished product that I deliver to my listeners — ie the finished MP3 — as that is the delivery mechanism for the ideas and recommendations I make to them. Can my podcast have intrinsic value to anyone (other than perhaps myself) if it’s sitting unheard in a project file on my hard drive? And do I really not value my podcast if I produce it in a way that doesn’t even create project files?

    I believe the answer is no, but I’d be interested in your opinion of podcasts recorded live with no project files.

    Thanks, as always for the thought provoking content!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Yes, obviously, you can value your creation (even if you don’t have a project file) and, obviously, a project file on a hard drive is heard by no one.

      But that wasn’t what this episode was about. Are you building a show for forever, an asset if you will, or building something that might look very different in the future? If all you have “left” is an MP3 file, you can never go back and re edit, change music, take out intros, etc. – and keep the quality you started with.

      And, if your podcast isn’t the kind of show that “could” be needed in a different format some time down the line, ask yourself if that’s a good strategy.

      You do that, and this podcast did it’s job.

      Thanks again David.