There are some names and ideas associated with Podcasting that some don’t want to be associated with. Is this enough to stop us from Podcasting?

  • Technology is amoral
  • Gaga’s audience is in it for the music – yours is in it for the content – the technology is what makes it possible
  • Stop thinking of Podcasting like radio – it’s more like books that talk
  • Your tribe cares no more about your tech than Gaga’s fans care about her microphone
  • Judging content by its tech is like judging a person by their socks


  • JasonPurse

    I made it to 4 minutes.

    Paul you’re reading way into this. Show me a podcast is a RSS feed with a media file and enclosure. Simply put a podcast is the delivery mechanism.

    Why complicate a content delivery method unnecessarily.

    Isn’t the Podcast Report a show that is distributed digitally across the internet?

    People are consuming shows via iTunes and they don’t even know it’s a quote on unquote “podcast.”

    Paul, I like your show but you jumped off with the Bill O’Reilly monologue.

    • Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      I knew this one would stir up some feelings on different sides.

      And, I think, you can I came to the exact same conclusions.

      I don’t care / am not worried about being “associated” with other Podcasts – but there are those who are. Yes, it’s just the tech. It’s like not wanting to be associated with books because Hitler wrote one.

      • JasonPurse

        Admittedly I’m hyper critical sometimes Paul.

        I used to listen to the podcast Answer Man…. You do a much better job of covering Podcasting than Cliff does

  • alfredo5635

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