Ready to do amazing things with your Podcast in 2017?  Want a free consulting session with Paul Colligan on how to do just that?

In this episode, the 7 Essential Podcast Strategies For 2017 – and an amazing contest.

Tell us your 7 sentences for your 7 strategies in the comments below.  Paul will pick one for a Skype Consulting session that we’ll play in a future episode.  

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  • Thanks Paul. This was a helpful exercise. Here are my 7.
    1. Monetization: My main monetization strategy is my membership site; complemented with sponsorships.
    2. Distribution: My distribution strategy is to expand beyond my current distribution partners of iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, TuneIn, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher to platforms such as Spotify and others.
    3. Multicasting: My multicasting strategy is to continue to add podcast episode snippets to YouTube, to syndicate episode summary articles to other platforms like Seeking Alpha, LinkedIn and build out the premium and ad-free audio content on my iOs and Android apps.
    4. Listbuilding: Continue to build out my Insiders Guide email list by using episode specific freebies.
    5. Audience Building: Continue to regularly appear as a guest on other shows and participate in speaking opportunities.
    6. Editorial Calendar: I need to do a better job of planning episodes weeks in advance rather than my current practice of deciding the topic a few days before I produce the episode.
    7. Partnership: Seeking to engage with podcasters outside of my niche, such as my scheduled guest appearance with Michael Port in December.

    • Awesome. Thanks so much for being the first to submit your 7

  • Andrés Nieves

    Hey, this is Andrés from Puerto Rico sharing my strategies. I have not launched my podcast yet. Prepping up to launch by the end of March or mid April. Thanks for everything you do for the community.

    1. Monetization: My podcast will monetize by generating leads that after listening will buy Life Insurance from me because of the valuable content I provided my audience thru it.
    2. Distribution: I will have my website with Podcast Websites which will include a podcast player with show notes. In addition I will have FB (adds if necessary), Twiter and instagram posts promoting episodes and directing members to my site. Also L
    3. Multicasting: FB, Instagram Twitter post directing members to website podcast list.
    4. List building: PDF op tin funnels with Life Insurance information value bombs. Provide value to my future customers. They will come.
    5. Audience Building: Weekly radio plugs in business partners show. FB, Instagram Twitter.
    6. Editorial Calendar: When I launch I plan to have four shows uploaded, then my podcast will be a 15 min twice a week show( Monday and Wednesdays) recorded on Fridays.
    7. Partnership: Right now we don’t have many Podcasters with regular serious shows in PR like yours, JLD, Pat Flynn or Michael O’neil so I will anyways reach out to them to spread my message their shows since that is my main purpose.

    • Thanks for this.

      • Andrés Nieves

        Hey Paul, who won the contest?

        • JD Stein. Excellent interview in episode #114.

          • Andrés Nieves


  • Bend Ball

    I couldn’t find the pdf. Paul, could you show me were the link is?

  • It’s 10:58 PM on December 12 as I’m posting this. Hope it’s not too late for consideration. Thanks Paul.

    I’m currently producing several podcasts so these are blanket ideas for all of them.

    Monetization – Will focus on adding more exclusives to my Patreon campaign to drive new patrons addition to repackaging my audio content and get it up for sale on iTunes, Spotify and other destinations via CDBaby to generate income.

    Distribution – Expand my content’s availability outside of it’s current distribution on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube by making it a goal to launch on TuneIn, Spreaker, iHeartRadio and others I haven’t explored.

    Multicasting – Transcribe audio into text so people can read it from the website as well as continue to push bits of the shows out on Twitter and Facebook using Clammr.

    Listbuilding – Offer exclusive episodes to people who sign up on the mailing list as well as offer free downloads of the show’s script to those who sign up for the list.

    Audience building – Creating of business card/postcard sized promotional materiels to carry with me at all times which list the various ways that people can consume the content.

    Editorial Calendar – Continue using my whiteboard editorial calendar to keep the shows on track and also examine stats for each show and see if there are shows that aren’t finding an audience and can be dropped or tweaked.

    Partnership – Continue to solicit bumpers from other, like minded, podcasts to use on the show and offer the same in return as well as continue to promote myself as a guest on other, again like minded, shows.