An interview with J.D. Stein of Money For The Rest Of Us – fulfilling the promise from Episode 111.  You’ll find Podcast strategies and some insight on the power of Podcasting from someone who is doing it very very well.

This is the last episode of Season 3 – and The Podcast Industry Report will be going on a Winter Hiatus to re-engineer the show.

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  • JD shared a couple misconceptions I want to clear up for both him and for anyone else hearing them.

    1. iTunes does not automatically pick up podcast feeds. You or someone else must submit the feed to iTunes (via Podcasts Connect). Whoever’s Apple ID that podcast was submitted under can also remove the podcast from iTunes. Or, if your content is being inappropriately distributed through iTunes, you can request its removal.
    2. Podcasts Connect does not provide a way for you to change your podcast feed and keep your subscribers. Do not use the mirror feed redirect feature. That’s a greatly misunderstood thing. Changing your feed in Podcasts Connect only changes your store listing, but not for your subscribers. If you want to move your subscribers to a new feed, you must place a 301 permanent redirect on the feed, which SoundCloud and other places will allow you to do. That will also update your iTunes listing for you.

    • Thanks Daniel. Those are two things that I wondered about also.

      Paul thanks so much for this season of the show – I’m looking forward to the next season and all of the changes ahead!