When the team at Social Media Marketing World asked me to do a panel on podcast monetization, I honestly didn’t think I’d get the team I was hoping for.

Rob Walch makes his podcast money the way most people think of podcast monetization: He has ads on his shows.  As a bonus – he helps advertisers sell ads through Libsyn.  He has a lot to say on the topic.

Gary Leland makes his podcast money selling his own products on his own website. He sells nothing marketing or podcast related.  I’m going to make you listen to this episode to get his story. You are going to love this guy.

John Lee Dumas represents an exciting hybrid of selling both his own products while running ads for the products of others. He continues to be a strategic inspiration to many of you.

Part of my contract with Social Media Marketing World is that I get to share this recording with you.  Here are my favorite 45 minutes from 3/23/2017.